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J.T., Miami, Fl

I am a true believer in destiny. I asked for guidance and was directed to Hector. I first met Hector at the center he had opened to help others. His readings were on point and he told me things only I knew. I later participated in classes he taught to connect with your own spirituality, I was hooked. He is a remarkable person and an exceptional teacher. After each class I was able to see things clearer and felt blessed to be part of this wonderful group. Unfortunately, the center closed. My husband’s company had recently closed and he was unemployed. I thought since he was educated and was highly skilled it would be a matter of weeks for him to find a new position. After 23 months, yes 23 months of searching, I gave up all hope and then remembered that Hector did private cleansings. I called Hector we set up a date he did a magnificent cleansing for my husband and told him that within 45 days my husband would receive a call. Well 35 days later he did receive the call, he had an interview and was hired on the spot. Guess what, his first day of work was 10 days later which is the exact 45 days that Hector had predicted. We were stuck in a rut and Hector was the lifeline to getting the position of a lifetime with more than we ever wished for. My husband and I both vouch for the remarkable gift Hector possesses and shares without hesitation to better mankind. We have been blessed by having Hector become part of our lives. Thank you Hector for sharing your gift.

Saddia., Miami, Fl

Something about YOU Hector that is amazing! After our conversation my day was so peaceful! Things just fell into place and I felt great! Out of the blue I came across this quote and thought about you and all that you say to me! I really do take to heart your time and all that you do for myself and others! I truly do appreciate it all very much!
Thank You again Hector


Life has quirks and unexpected moments, I was told by a friend of a psychic that was good, she had gotten a reading from her, I did not remember the name she had given so I went on line and did a search but to my surprise the one that popped up was hector. I decided to give him a try even though his readings are over the phone, another first for me, wow was I glad it was like destiny, as soon as I called he told me how sorry he was for my loss, incredibly one of the reasons for calling him was the loss of my grandmother she had been a pivotal person in my life and we had lost her just a month prior to my call. One of the reasons was I had some guilt because she was far away I was unable to visit her before her passing, hector gave me a message that well chilled me, she had told him not to worry she understood about not been able to come and she loved me very much. There were so many other lovely things he passed along to me including I had to lose some weight as he felt over the last six months my stress level had me stress eating and not working out. True, I have always worked out but so much work over the last 6 months had me overeating and I had not been to the gym as was my routine. I had been thinking about opening my own business and he told me I should take a chance on life and open my own thing, incredible how most of what I wanted to know he told me without my having to ask, thank you hector.

Al., New Mexico

When you told me to start writing my dreams I would not have realize the impact it’s had on my life, I now get regular messages while asleep, you were right, my stomach has gotten much better since I got on probiotics and digestive enzymes as you suggested. My wife tells me I’m much better at blowing my top, you had told me how my digestion was the main issue in my life, she gets on me now about walking after I eat and we are so much better, I was a bit untrusting how could a stranger know so much about our lives but you have made a difference so I thank you, oh yes I did get a promotion as you said I would and my wife got a better offer and is in the prosses to change her job as you suggested. To refresh you said that an opportunity would present for her and she should seriously consider it, it’s a change but yes the money is much better so she’s doing it, thanks for the guidance.


I want to thank Hector, stupidly I had been drinking and driving while on a date and was pulled over and arrested for D.U.I., this was just one of many things he forecasted, I was told by hector not to drink and drive because justice was following me. I mean come on justice was following me, but sure enough just two weeks later this happened to me, until I was being arrested I did not remember the warning. Listen to this guy, he really knows what he’s talking about, I had my doubts but soon after the reading my mom told me about the check up with the thyroid and how she would have to get on medication, he knew before she did, how weird is that.
I hope this helps you for others to know how awesome your readings are


This is for real, come on, he knew I was dating a person with a heart condition and he told me I had been thinking about the relationship and what kind of a life would I have with a person who had so many health issues, I was trying to figure out if I had enough money to go on a vacation to India and he knew about the trip and my second thoughts. When he told me to check my eyes I had just made the appointment the day before because they were bothering me. Looking back on the reading there were so many intimate things he knew I’m still freaking but in a good way, he made me feel comfortable like a friend talking to me, every once in a while I had to realize this guy did not know me because we were talking as if we had known each other a lifetime. Just little things like why I had just changed the person who did my nails after five years. Look I recommend him but you just have to try for yourself, Alice!


My family was under attack, some sort of spiritual or witchcraft was after us in our new house, we, well my daughter was told about hector so I got his information and called, most people he said usually get a reading but in my case he recommended go right into a cleansing because he felt turbulent energy around me. Now this was just my first call to this guy and he already knew there was trouble, I was so impressed we set up the appointment on the spot. When he came over all of us were there and one by one he cleaned the aura of all my family. He walked around and did some rituals for the home and pointed out areas we had felt something, he knew our daughter was the one who was getting it the worse. He explained the house was the problem and not us, true we had only been there for seven months and all this started to happen to us a few months after we moved in. It’s been a month since he did his thing and all feels good, thanks for all you do, the world needs people like you, many blessings for you and your family.

Linda & Jody Much love Minneapolis

Dear Hector I hope this finds you well, just wanted to acknowledge your fabulous gift, when you came for the home visit my girlfriend and I were in a slump, you were right about everything you told us including how my family had still not accepted our life style. You knew she had just come out and was still having trouble accepting she and I were out and the family ramifications as her family was very traditional and nothing like this had happened. You pinpointed the people who were causing the problems and suggested some remedies that have worked, we’ve seen the softening of these hard core people to the point we were invited over for dinner when this originally happened they were not even talking to me. You asked me about the gynecologist and how long I had not had my visit or when was I due, it was true at least 2 years since I’ve had my visit, once I did as you said they would found some cyst but not bad as you had prognosticated. Many blessing, what you have done for us has no price tag, I’m sure you will be hearing from us in the future.

Niki Chicago

First I want to say I’m sorry, I was initially rude but I’m sure some will understand, when I called Hector he told me about the betrayal, I had no idea what he was talking about but he explained my husband traveled and during one of his trips there was infidelity, right, I know my husband I would have never thought but it was true, when it originally happened I did not accept when he told me even though most of what he told me was true. You know how it is, who wants to hear such a thing but with time I came to understand as he had explained we had drifted apart and had become more like friends. You know in a long marriage we can lose track of what is important and I guess this is what had happened to us. We both cried but ultimately were accepting that our marriage had lost its fire, although I had not been unfaithful I did feel there had come an emptiness. It became clear as Hector had told me sometimes it’s just time to move on. He did tell me about my sisters procedure I just learned about it, at the time I had no idea she was going through some stuff but also became fact. He gave me several names of people at work, how does he do it, all I can say is thanks as you said my new life will start me on a new journey.

Best to you and yours Amber from L.A.

It was nine years since your original telephone reading, in the future I will not wait so long, most of what you told me so many years ago have come to pass, I read and re-read those notes if you want I can send them to you, I would say at least 75% of what you told me back then has come to pass, I hope this reading is likewise I will just have to wait and see but most of your information is accurate so I’m sure it will. Even that pregnancy I had given up on came to pass as you said when I least expected we got the gift of life and healthy, yea a boy as you had predicted. Again thanks and I think I will be calling in a year or so, lol not so long as last time.

E.W., Miami, Fl

Hector is truly gifted. I first heard about him from a friend who had seen him on several occasions. I knew my friend was trust worthy, so I decided to call him. He immediately told me things about myself, my children, etc. which were true. He presents the information in a non-threatening way and he makes you feel comfortable…as though you are his friend. He also gives you specific instructions on what you should do to clear your energy and restore balance. Everyone needs that, right!

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On this page I’ve put together a collection of letters and emails submitted to me by clients over the years. These are very special to me since they are provided honestly by

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On this page I’ve put together a collection of letters and emails submitted to me by clients over the years. These are very special to me since they are provided honestly by those who have received my services. I hope that they provide more insight into the work I do.


I had a reading with you yesterday for the first time, and I just want to say that I was very impressed with your ability. At first I was bit skeptical about doing a phone reading, but it was jaw dropping amazing. I can’t believe how you were calling out the names of people in my life etc…Amazing!! May God always bless you. Thank you for being one of the good people of light working for good on this planet. I would like very much to be added to your mailing list. I am also going to get your book. I will most certainly seek out one of your other services soon.