I am working with the human body


The readings I do are all over the phone, I use all my senses to tap into the person I’m reading, using clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience tapping into specific issues and circumstances in the person or person’s life. I say person’s because often during my readings it can lead to a significant other, family member, child etc., this in turn can lead to career, romance, health, business or work.

Appointments are scheduled first by placing a payment on my Pay Pal account then scheduling your reading by phone 786-285-3760


Very often a spirit or spirits might come to deliver messages, remember the saying that blood is thicker than water and nowhere is that more verified than when deceased family or other blood relatives come to give messages from the other side. The readings can often go into the past to understand what is happening now or towards the future defining better or worse options for the person and the suggestions. In terms of relationships the advice is very direct as they seem to be just as opinionated from the other side as they are here on earth. Look I’m not a doctor so I don’t give medical advice I will however tell you when something feels off and I may direct the person to see a doctor, for example I can tell you my feeling of low iron, or high, low blood pressure, diabetes or a blood sugar issue, I will for example say diabetes is something In the family and I feel it in their genes. Over the years I’ve given enough info to prevent serious health concerns from manifesting.

I always find it interesting when people I read are told the name of a person in their lives or even better one that shows up later, even when I tell them that name has not manifested yet, I’ve even been invited to the wedding of couples I’ve described the person they would ultimately marry before having met them. I’ve even foretold of legal issues and what to do to mitigate the problem if not prevented. If the person has negative or stagnant energies I either describe rituals to fix this or suggest they get a professional cleanse, the majority just by following my recommendation they can fix themselves without any added expense! Hector L. Espinosa