Energy just like water can become stagnant in areas of a home or office. This can be caused by residual energy of events, people or how energy flows in the space. Energy or entities can also affix themselves to our own energy because it has been attracted by your vibration. Symptoms of this type of energy can be depression, tension, restless sleep, lack of focus or energy. I help you clear the space of negative energies and from those that have formed attachments to your energy field. Several different methods are employed to do this among them are help from my spirit guides, prayers and tobacco smoke similar to native traditions of smoke smudging. (Price $221 – higher depending if travel involved)
Appointments are scheduled first by placing a payment on my Pay Pal account then scheduling your reading by phone 786-285-3760


I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and faith in me as a medium. Many of you have asked how this works? It is all electricity, as a medium, I pass on information given to me. Through prayer and energy I help you have a better understanding of why certain things are going on in your life. Spiritual or hydraulic, or nuclear, it all converts to energy; so as we connect through the phone, or in person, that energy comes through.

The nature of my abilities has me traveling around the world offering private readings, special events and fund raisers. Should any of this be of interest to you, please give me a call and I will give you the additional information you need to include spiritual & physical healings. I do television and radio, also do events for the fight against cancer and other worthy causes. My start, I’ve always liked sports, all state Gymnast, third in state finals in High school, Judo black belt second degree, Jujitsu black belt second degree, 1992 world champion arm-wrestler, represented USA in that year’s championships in Japan. Marine Corps Sergeant, Network administrator 18 years, Adjunct professor at local college 4 years where I taught the Network + and A+ certification class, Married with a beautiful family, the wife and I love to travel and go dancing, I often ask the spirits why me as I never looked for this spiritual world, they explain that because I’m a very non judgmental person and have lived a diverse life, it makes me a well rounded candidate to help others.
 Hector L. Espinosa